Crime Summary Statistics

Here, you can quantitatively understand how crime has changed in recent years. The website will generate statistics on changes in crime based on the chosen categories, cities, and date ranges. If you would like to visualize the data instead, return to our home page. For help on how to use this website, please visit our how-to page.

Click the dropdown menus below to select a crime category, city, and date ranges to generate the summary statisitcs. The website will display the percent and overall change in the averages of the selected date range and the same date range in the baseline years. If no baseline years are selected, the increase in crime between those two dates in the range will be displayed. Note: Data for the most recent months may be inaccurate or unavailable due to lags in data reporting, and per capita numbers may be inaccurate because of smaller numbers.

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The displayed data is collected from open data sources and data requests sent to specific cities. Note the statisitcal calculations do not account for the seasonality of crime. Data has been cleaned but may still contain errors. Certain reports have been dropped that are not related to the crime categories presented above. Data has also been restricted for categorical consistency across years. When necessary, crime incidents and arrests have been classified manually on that basis of “crime description”, “weapon”, “victim”, and “premises” fields. Finally, many cities release data that is subsequently audited and updated. This means that very recent data may not be accurate. Below are data definitions.

Data on this site comes from research led by David Abrams, with assistance from Priyanka Goonetilleke, Elizabeth Holmdahl and Bridget Brody. Please cite this URL when using figures or data. Site designed and built by Kathy Qian and David Feng.

To request access to the raw data used on this site please email David Abrams and Priyanka Goonetilleke